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Who Are We?


What is Falcons FIRST?

We are a group of students from Poolesville High School, a whole-school magnet school, that joins together every year to build a robot from scratch. Moreover, we are a group of hardworking, dedicated individuals who see our task through to the end. After a six-week build season, we take our robot to regional FIRST Robotics Competitions (FRC) with the goal of qualifying for the world competition. In 2012, our first season, we received the Rookie All-Star award, earning us a spot in the world competition in St. Louis, Missouri. We are determined to once again go to St. Louis with our robot.

What is the FIRST Robotics Competition?

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) holds a series of competitions for students of all ages. These competitions encourage students to combine science, technology, and their imagination to design and build robots to solve problems. It aims to foster teamwork and leadership. This year's FRC challenge is called Stronghold. Teams have to build robots that breach defenses, shoot foam boulders into towers, and climb to score as many points as possible. To learn more about FIRST or this year's challenge, please visit www.usfirst.org.

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How Does FRC Work?

At each regional competition, several teams compete against each other for the chance to make it to the world competition. Each team is provided with a space to build a pit where they can store tools and spare parts for their robot as well as perform maintenance or modifications to their robot in between matches. Each team ends up playing 8-10 or more matches to qualify for the regional quarterfinals. From the regional quarterfinals, the team tries to make it to the finals where they will ultimately compete for a position in the FRC World Competition in St. Louis.

  • Qualification Matches

    Each match consists of two alliances competing against each other: the blue alliance and the red alliance. An alliance is a group of 3 seperate teams that work together during a match. They collaborate and plan to make the best strategy to get the best score possible. The alliances position themselves on opposite sides of the playing field, from where they control their robots during the match. Each team is part of a different alliance in every qualification match.

  • Quarterfinal Qualification

    By the end of the qualification matches, all the teams at the regional competition are ranked based on their total or average score. The top 8 teams in this ranking become alliance captains. Alliance captains can then pick two other teams to be a part of their alliance. These 8 alliances then compete agains each other in a bracket-style competition for a chance to rise as the winner of the regional competition.

  • World Qualification

    Winning alliances of regional competitions nationwide earn a spot in the world competition in St. Louis. The 3 teams that are a part of the alliance that wins a regional competition are all automatically a part of the world competition.

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Meet the members of the 2016-2017 Team 4099!

Senior Captains

Seungkyoon Bong

Glenn Ren

Mechanical Team

Karl Zhao

Lead Mechanic
Quality Control

Kevin Boby

Anthony Mahshigian

Cole Schneider

Harshal Shah

Richard Wang

Aman Jaiman

Ritvik Jain

Gianmarco Guzman

Justin Park

Anthony Sheehi

Nina Tang

Sreya Vangara

Alvin Ya

Timothy Yih

Esha Parikh

Ishana Shastri

Grace Tang

Electrical Team

Ishan Mundra

Lead Electrician

Karan Chawla

Sahil Mayenkar

Yogi Bhut

Cindy Chen

Esther In

Kshitij Gupta

Amogh Narendra

Arjun Sivarajan

Samuel Zhou

Daniel Fong

Hirschel Nambiar

Marshall Nambiar

Programming Team

Matthew Feng

Lead Programmer

Parth Oza

Jagan Prem

Oksana Tkach

Shreya Shete

CAD Team

Azeem Mohammed

Lead CAD Modeler

Kevin Neidhart

Daniel Li

Aaron Aben

Adhvayith Sriram

PR Team

Rachel Qian

George Chen

Caleb Getahun

Feras Ismail

Darrell Marshall

Amanda Chu


Mr. Kevin Lee


Mr. Mark Curran

Mr. Mark Estep


Thanks to all the organizations that have helped us.

Our robot could not have been built without the help of some generous organizations. The following companies have given us money so that we could buy materials and tools to build our robot. We also used these grants to pay the registration fees for the regional competitions. Please click on the company logos below to learn more about our sponsors.

Federation of American Consumers and Travelers

Titanium Sponsor


Gold Sponsor

The MIL Corporation

Gold Sponsor

Cycus Technologies

Silver Sponsor

United Therapeutics

2015 Platinum Sponsor

Texas Instruments

2015 Gold Sponsor

Other Sponsors

Firehouse Subs

Poolesville Tire and Auto Service


We have reached out to John Poole Middle School and are planning to start two FIRST Lego League teams there. FIRST Lego League helps 9-14 year-olds foster their creativity and gain an interest in technology while solving problems and competing with other teams. Middle school students can carry on these interests through their high school years, and maybe even join Falcons FIRST when they enter high school! We held an assembly at John Poole Middle School to help spark interest in robotics and promote the FLL teams that will be there starting in the 2015-2016 school year. We are excited to mentor two FLL teams at John Poole - watch out for the JPMS FLL teams next year!

Sponsor Us!

We need YOUR help!

Why Does Falcons FIRST Need Sponsors?

We need the help of generous organizations to help us build a top-quality robot during our build season. There are many costs that go into building our robot and participating in tournaments.

Budget Breakdown

  • $4000 Chesapeake District Registration Fees
  • $5000 Championship Registration Fee
  • $2000 Practice Build Season
  • $4000 Competition Robot Costs
  • $2000 Tools and Pit Costs
  • $800 Transportation and Food Costs
  • $1200 FIRST Lego League Mentoring (kits and registration)
  • $19000 Approximated Total Cost
Drive Train

Can You Contribute in a Different Way?

Of course! Falcons FIRST would appreciate any supplies and services you may be able to provide. Our robot needs a wide variety of parts that may not come with the limited building kit provided by the competition. Services we need include the making of team shirts, buttons, and banners, among others. If your company can provide milling, welding, or other machine shop time, it would be greatly appreciated.


How Do You Become a Sponsor?

Please mail or email us this fillable PDF note with your name or company name, address, and donation amount/type. We also have an alternate printable note. This will give you the opportunity to take advantage of all available benefits. Our contact information is in the section below.

  • Monetary Donations

    Please mail us a check - payable to "Poolesville High School" and with "FIRST Robotics" in the memo - along with the note mentioned above.

  • Service/Supply Donations

    Please mail or email us information about what types of services and supplies you can offer.

  • More Information

    If you would like to learn more about donating or becoming a sponsor, please contact us.

What's In It For You?

Donations are 100% tax-deductible! our 501(c)(3) id-number is: 52-1804509

There are several benefits to sponsoring Team 4099 this season! A higher level sponsor receives all of the benefits of the lower level sponsors in addition to their own.

Sponsor Level Donation Type Benefits
Diamond Services or Supplies Based on value of services and/or supplies
Platinum $5000+ Name will be part of our official team name as it would be read at competitions (i.e. "United Therapeutics / Cycus Technologies / Texas Instruments & Poolesville High School")
Name and logo displayed on our team T-shirts
Very large logo on our next robot
Titanium $2500-$4999 Name and logo displayed on our team T-shirts
Large logo on our next robot
Gold $1000-$2499 Name and logo displayed on our pit display at competitions and demonstrations
Medium logo on our next robot
Silver $500-$999 Name and small logo displayed on our next robot
Bronze $250-$499 Name and logo will appear in the Sponsors section of our website

Any donation amount is appreciated, and amounts below $250 will be recognized in a list at the bottom of our Sponsors section.

Logos appear on our robot.


We would love to hear from you!

Mailing Address-

ATTN: FIRST Robotics

17501 West Willard Road

Poolesville, MD 20837 USA

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